Friday, October 28, 2011

Life in a Studio

When people hear that my husband and I live in a studio, the first response is usually a surprised expression. "Oh.... How is that going?" The truth is, that it is not bad at all when you picked the right person to live with. We get along really well and use the rule of thumb that we both need to put in 100% and not expect to do just 50%. Even though our window faces a brick building and we can never really know if it is sunny or rainy, we are thankful to live in the location that we do.
I am grateful for my husband and his ability to make our home cozy. Haha... Yes, I said it. He is actually the better one at making it cozy. Some important tips we have learned living in a studio is to make sure you have a good trashcan, clean dishes, and a made bed. If one of these things is not done, the whole place looks messy.
Other thoughts to ponder as being a newly married woman.... I am so grateful I am done with the whole dating thing. The idea of starting to get to know someone from square one is a headache. The reality of being committed to someone for the long run is a beautiful thing.
When people hear I am married in my early twenties, majority of them cannot believe it because most people do not get married these days until late twenties and early thirties. I explain to them, if I have time, that it is a blessing to find someone at an early age because you are most likely more flexible as a person. A few people have told me that they do not want to marry because they are too selfish. I think the older you get the harder it is to get married because you get comfortable with the idea of your independence and doing what YOU want all the time. Marriage is a sacrifice. It is not about what you get from it, but about what you give.
Before I met my husband, I was REALLY independent. I did what I wanted, when I wanted. When we started seriously dating, I realized that if this is going to work, I needed to change my view about my independence. It does not mean I am not independent anymore, but there is the beauty about being dependant on a person and going to them before anyone else.
These are just some thoughts of the day! Feel free to respond!
Take Care and God Bless